The right do-it-yourself jobs turn your house into a home. Skil helps! Read more now.
Clear step-by-step plans

Some jobs are harder than they first appear. Getting someone in to do it for you can be an expensive business, but if you approach it right you can get a lot done yourself. Use the handy Skil step-by-step plans to save time and money. Clear instructions ensure you finish the job with ease.

Advice about tool use

Skil also answers your questions about how to use every tool properly. Like to know the best tool or attachment for your job? Or what you need to think about when you’re busy? Skil answers all the most common questions about tool use.

Handy DIY tips

Little tips can make a job much more enjoyable and quite a lot easier. Here’s one: Did you know it’s very easy to remove wall plugs with a corkscrew? Or that you can use a bobby pin to hit the head of a nail in hard-to-reach places? Take a look at the Skil DIY tips and finish the job faster!