SKIL presents...
Many innovative cordless and corded tools have been added to the current range of drills, saws, sanders and other power tools.
SKIL offers you everything you need to get the job done quickly and conveniently. From step-by-step job instructions to clear explanations of how to use the tools.
Brushless: Faster, stronger and lasting longer
Challenging job? Cordless, brushless tools are just what you need! These come with brushless motors. This makes them faster and more powerful than comparable tools with a brushed motor. They also last 10 times longer!
Hot news…
Whether soldering, waxing skis or stripping paint, you can be sure of achieving the best result with our new electronically controlled heat guns.
The range of outstanding SKIL laser and measuring tools boasts many innovative and intelligent features.
In 1924 Edmond Michel invented the world’s first electrical saw. Together with his business partner Joseph Sullivan, he founded the Skilsaw Incorporate company. That marked the start for the development of an almost unlimited series of successful electrical hand tools.